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Outreach Work

Get to Know us

The Irish Australian Supports Association of QLD (IASAQ) is a charity organisation that seeks to support the welfare of Irish Australians. Founded in 2007 IASAQ’s mission is to provide appropriate and valued assistance to the Irish Australian community in Queensland, making sure our community feels supported in times of isolation, vulnerability, or crisis.


Through our Outreach and Referral Support Program (ORSP) at (IASAQ) it’s very much about assisting and assessing each individual person’s need when somebody reach’s out. We provide resources, support, information, and referral depending on the person’s circumstances. We understand everyone’s circumstances are different and we help all individuals where possible regardless of age or concern.

Supporting our community

How we help.

IASAQ was contacted by an individual enquiring about support for their friend that had recently moved to QLD on a WHV and had only been here for 3-months. Through the OWP the individual was encouraged to speak with the Outreach Worker who through discussion and assessment discovered a concern for their emotional wellbeing, missing passport, financial and employment issues along with, a limited support network.

The individual in this case over a period of some weeks of contact and discussion acknowledged returning to Ireland to receive ongoing supports they needed, would be the best outcome. IASAQ were able to assist successfully, in securing accommodation to ensure safety and wellbeing, referral, and assistance for the individual’s emotional welfare for the remainder of time spent in QLD and assisting in gaining an emergency passport.

It was very rewarding for IASAQ to be able to assist and have a successful outcome in making sure the individual returned home safely.

How we help.

A senior in our community reached out to ask IASAQ for supports. This person asked if they could have some supports with light household tasks and shopping. Through discussion they disclosed some physical health concerns that made it hard to keep on top of the daily routines in the home, and getting out to shop, this was impacting on the person’s emotional wellbeing.

This community member explained they had been trying to seek support through My Aged Care, (MAC) however this was proving difficult to have the assessment that was needed.  IASAQ supported this person through the Volunteer Coordinator in engaging a suitable volunteer in the interim to support weekly. IASAQ sought consent, to register and access the MyGov account, research service providers in relation to MAC. Work continued to follow up on the application made to MAC and attending the service provider meetings to obtain information so the person could make an informed decision on who would be the best support around, home care, appointments, shopping etc.


The outcome was resolved with the person, having My Aged Care package granted and the service provider in place to support with the duties required.

IASAQ are very proud to be able to offer that support system to the Irish, Irish/Australian community.

If you or someone you know would like support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to IASAQ Outreach Program for assistance:

M: 0499 524 643


Other areas we can support, advocate, refer, and supply information:

  • Health services - including mental health -NDIS - Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) mediation and family wellbeing support.

  • Information provided on housing – unemployment – counselling – Visa, and Passport information.

All enquiries and supports are treated in the strictest confidence.

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