Here are some of the Testimonials we have received from people we have been privileged to assist over the last year or so. 

"My name is Katie i have recently just arrived back to Ireland from Australia due to COVID-19 I had spend several months living in Australia and due to the COVID I had lost my job a number of months ago, I had struggled for the last 3 months in Australia and used up all my saving trying to look for work as I could not get home due to a lack of flights. It became to much for me to handle as I ran out of money and I did not know where to turn to, after speaking to many different people on the phone I was finally put in contact with this organisation, I was dealing with a man called paddy who went above on beyond for me and really went out of his way to make sure I was getting the help I needed to get home safely, I just want to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me and the work you guys do is fantastic for the Irish people struggling in Australia and I hope you all get the support that is needed to keep up this amazing work for real people in real need. I will be forever grateful thank you so much."

"Hello Paddy,

I just wanted to take a moment to pass on our most sincere thanks for all your efforts to help find our son Declan. It really is heartwarming to know that there are people like yourself and all those that helped who, without question, rallied to find our son. I have been in touch with Senior Constable Johnson this morning who explained the extraordinary lengths that the Irish Australian Support Association went to in an effort to assist with the search which was successful in getting us back in contact with our son.

 It was such a relief when Declan was found, it was without doubt the best news my wife and I have ever received and the best feeling to know he is safe and well."

"Dear Paddy

I cannot adequately, in mere words, express to you my heart felt gratitude to you and your organisation, the Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland for all efforts in helping locate our son Declan, who has been found safe and well. I believe that you personally went door to door down to the backpackers hostels area enquiring after him and that indicates to me what a caring, incredibly generous person you must be. So wonderful to know that in what often feels like a frenetic, crazy world the exceptional people do still exist, in fact many have come to light as this story has unfolded. I have been amazed by the community spirit of the back packers themselves and an Australian police force to be proud of too.  We will be forever grateful to you for all your efforts and posts that have helped to locate our lad and  enable us to rest now in the knowledge that he is safe and well.  As you can imagine and hopefully not suffered first hand, time is a painful endurance when faced with uncertainty about those we love and in this instance, non action could not to sit well in our hearts as his loving parents and that of his good friend Chris who opened the missing persons docket. I will be eternally grateful to you and hope to in some way, 'play it forward' oneday by doing something exceptional for somebody else needing help.

All who wander are not lost but for those who trully are, I hope they may be found."

"You do a fantastic job Paddy. We wouldn’t have got through mum’s passing and funeral without your ongoing support and that of IASAQ the Irish community, especially the wonderful Kathleen Mulhern. As a community we are so very lucky to have you working for us 😃☘️💜"