COVID - 19

Stranded in Queensland

If you hold an Irish passport and are stranded in Queensland due to the Covid 19 crisis and trying to get back to Ireland, we request that you to email with the below information:

  • Full name

  • Date of Birth

  • Passport Number

  • Current Queensland Location

  • Flight details (if eligable)


Email only where possible please. We are putting together a list for the relevant authorities in the hope some flights can be arranged in the near future.

NOTE; we said in the HOPE, there are no promises or guarantees being made or inferred here. 

Seniors Lunches

Unfortunately due to the above, we have had to suspend our Seniors Tuesday Club Luncheons for the foreseeable future. They will resume when it is safe to do so and we greatly look forward to welcoming you all back, hale and hearty.
As isolation is difficult for anyone to deal with, Paddy is happy to take a call on the phone from anyone just for the chat, don't hesitate to contact us.

Immigration & VISA concerns

There are a lot of people in this category and again, you or someone known to you will have a friend or family member in this situation. The Department of Home Affairs & Immigration will assist people to normalise their visa status, where it is appropriate to do so, due to the Covid19 crisis. This means Working Holiday Visas, student visas and various others, will be renewed or extended and so on and so forth;  follow the below links & guidelines; 

The Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs has information for affected visa holders on their website:
Their advice states "If you wish to remain in Australia beyond the expiry date of your current visa, you must apply for a further visa. Information on staying in Australia beyond your current visa expiry date can be found at:" 
You will be granted a bridging visa pending a decision on the substantive visa application. Instructions here:

Staying Safe & Healthy

As you are aware, Australia has adopted a range of measures to combat the spread of Covid-19.  This includes the temporary closing of non-essential activities and businesses and advice to practice social distancing. You should comply with all advice, in particular in relation to social distancing.

With regards to assisting the elderly and other vulnerable groups please keep in mind that while you may be trying to help, with the best of intentions, you can do great harm. Please, Please follow all the strict guidelines regarding person to person interactions. There is no point in getting someones shopping for them if you infect them at the same time. IASAQ has called as many people in the high risk groups that we have contact details for, to ask if they have a strategy or assistance plan already in place, and most do. However if you know of someone who does not or you are concerned about, then call Paddy right away on 0432087328 and we will do our best to assist or get the right services to assist. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic and its far-reaching implications continue to unfold globally and in our community, it's normal for people to experience a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions. These experiences are all understandable in the face of this significant challenge. There has been loss of life, rapid changes to our way of life (e.g., study, work, social gatherings), and disrupted plans due to travel restrictions and social distancing measures.

When many things feel uncertain or out of our control, one of the most effective ways we can manage stress and anxiety is to focus on the actions that are in our control.

Here are some ways you can take intentional steps to look after your emotional wellbeing during this challenging time: